Meeting Minutes


In Attendance:

Marna, Shannon, Denise, Loreal, Teresa


Whole Foods wi-fi was spotty and we didn’t have a firm connection so Periscope didn’t work.

November meeting will be online only. Teresa will try to get someone ‘Techy’ in the group to help with technology to make this happen.

Teresa has confirmed venue for monthly meetings from January 2017 – April 2017 at the Nashville library green hills branch. We have reserved their meeting room every first Wednesday of the month from 6-7:30.

  • Loreal will check Ridgecrest church with kitchen and cafeteria to see if they allow meetings there.
  • Denise will check a park that she knows that has a kitchen to see if they allow classes there.
  • Marna will check Cheekwood gardens to see if they charge for meeting space.
  • Teresa will check the coworking collective in Murfreesboro to see how much they charge to use their kitchen.

Marna Reported on her trip to the AHG conference:

  • AHG members have the right to access a mentoring group online to get their herbal questions answered.
  • Jennifer, the AHG chapter liason got an award for volunteer of the year. Other awards were given to a clinic in Maine that provides free herbal services to the community and a group that runs an herbalista bus in Atlanta.
  • Herbalist Sam Coffman is in North Dakota setting up a dispensory for the protesters
  • There is a legal organization that is helping preserve the right of traditional herbalists to grow, make and suggest herbs without requireing certification. They want to insure herbalism stays the medicine of the people.
  • A group is fighting the corporate attempt to pattent fire cider. The group is making an encyclopedia of traiditional herbal recipes to live at the pattent office. That way when companies try to pattent them, they can be alerted and denied.


  1. At the monthly meetings, we can do planning for first 30 minutes, then do something more fun in the next hour. Such as a brief presentation followed by discussion on an herbal topic. We could do an herb of the month, or book review, plus opportunities to mingle.

    All thought this would be a good change for the planning meetings.

      2)  We can alternate larger events: Herb class, Herb Walk, Stone Soup Social

Upcoming Events:

We will give a class on November 5 on winter immunity. Teresa will present on tea/syrups/oxymels you can make for immunity and cold/flu such as elderberry, astragalus bergamot. Marna will present on how to make Firecider. We will charge $15 for the class to pay for supplies and try to build up the group treasury for things the group might need later on. Marna has volunteered her large kitchen in her house in Nashville to host the class. There should be room for 20 people. We should advertise as “space is limited”.People will leave with some herbs, firecider and recipes.


Herbal Lifestyle:

How can we share our group collective knowledge with each other on ways to truly live the herbal lifestyle. Many times we talk about theory and knowledge, but we would like to share about simple things like ‘self care’. Such as hair, skin, toothcare soap with herbal or homemade products. Ferments

“Stone Soup”:

Maybe do a quarterly event on the weekend where we pick a topic and come together to exchange knowledge. Each one brings their contribution, knowledge, recipe, technique, experience to this event. We learn from each other. It is a knowledge exchange and social event. We can make tea and bring potluck.

Spring Event:

Marna suggested a spring event at Barb’s farm. She has a barn. We could do a nature walk and Susan Fidler could do a presentation. Suggested charge $$ for this to cover Susan’s travel expenses and time.

Bartering and Plant Swap:

Denise suggested  a get together where people could exchange herbal goods and plant starts. This could be a spring event. Denise will let us know if there’s a venue she thinks would work for this.