Signs of the Times: Astrology for Health with Phyllis Light

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Join Phyllis for an immersive class on folk astrology to reveal how the twelve signs, and the four elements have and effect on the body and on health.

In this class, 5th generation herbalist Phyllis Light will discuss the astrological teachings of Southern Folk Medicine and how the zodiac signs influence sickness and health. Phyllis’ grandmother used to say, “The Signs are in the head, folks will be catching colds,” or “the Signs are in the feet, time to plant potatoes”. The class will delve into how we are influenced by the stars and how understanding planetary changes are an integral aspect of a health plan as well as planting, harvesting, and other aspects of daily living. Bring your chart if you have one (or make on online for free) for an added personalized experience. This truly one-of-a-kind event will teach information you won’t find in any books! Join us for a fun day of learning about herbal medicine, southern folk medicine, and astrology from renowned teacher, author, and herbalist, Phyllis Light


Shelby Bottoms Nature Center
1900 Davidson St., Nashville, Tennessee 37206


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